Kelowna Junk Removal – What Commercial Dumpster Bin Rental is Right for Your Business?

What’s in a disposal bin?  Plenty of trash most of the time. Getting rid of waste is just a necessary part of life and of running any business. However, many business owners don’t have an efficient program for getting rid of their trash.  The type of disposal bins you choose should depend entirely on the type of industry you’re in and on your business needs.  When you hire an experienced waste management company, they understand what makes one type of bin better for one industry and another type of bin better for another industry. In some cases multiple bins or recycling totes may be recommended.

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Here are four examples of industries with very specific needs when it comes to disposal bins:

  1. Construction – This one may seem rather obvious, but many contractors just go with one bin and then forget about what happens to the waste after it hits the bin.  The problem with this is that it is a very unfriendly way to treat the environment.  There are many materials that can be recycled or repurposed in other areas of the construction industry, and just tossing these items in a landfill is extremely wasteful.  The easiest way to handle trash on a construction site is to have several disposal bins to sort items into as you toss them out.  This will ensure that the recyclable materials are recycled, the reusable material is reused and waste is minimized with the least amount of handling and effort.
  2. Landscaping – In this industry, driveway-friendly bins are particularly important.  Of course some of the waste from landscaping can be composted, but not all of it can.  This is why it is essential to have a bin nearby that can be used to collect non-compostable material.  Landscapers work on properties of varying sizes and with varying terrain, so their specific needs may change from job to job. In most cases though, a bin rental will save landscapers the time and inconvenience of multiple trips to the landfill.

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  1. Roofing – Contractors who repair or replace roofs always have disposal bins nearby, but have they taken the time to consider exactly where their waste will end up? Often roofing companies end up in lines at the local dump to get rid of their waste after a job is completed. By renting a bin and having a waste management company dispose of their waste, roofers can save themselves time and operate more efficiently.  Of course disposing of roofing waste requires very specialized knowledge, so roofers should be sure to ask where their waste will end up after it’s picked up and hire a company that is familiar with the disposal codes for roofing.
  2. Hotels –The issue many hotel operators face is the fact that they don’t always know what kind of trash they will need hauled away.  Of course they do have daily needs like basic waste from their kitchen and rooms, but sometimes larger items need to be disposed of, like old mattresses and old furniture.  E-waste is also a big concern for hotels because they periodically need to recycle appliances and other electronic devices in a way that is environmentally friendly. The best waste management solution for hotels is to have a regular disposal bin for daily waste and then schedule periodic junk removal services as needed throughout the  year.

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Of course there are many other industries that can benefit from specific types of disposal bins and services, and an experienced waste management company like Dump It! 365 will help determine which type of bin fits your businesses needs and how to best process your waste in an affordable, environmentally friendly and ethical way. We offer rental Kelowna disposal bins, Kelowna junk removal and Kelowna waste management services in Kelowna and it`s surrounding areas.

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