Kelowna Junk Removal – What to Take With You When You Move

Packing up and heading out to a new location? It takes time to take inventory of what you are going to take with you and what you might want to kick to the curb.  Here’s an easy to follow list to help move the process along;

Lets start with the big stuff- Your furniture!

* Does it fit your new space? Sadly, not all of your items may fit the new space. Don’t take it with you if its not going to work.

* What to do with the big items you are not keeping – Consignment, Craigslist, or Freecyle

* If you are going from a home to a condominium, then you will certainly need to clean out those garage items. You will not need all those devices and commercial products. Think about selling some of these items online Craigslist, Kijiji or Castanet.

* What will your new backyard(if you have one) look like? Do you have area for that patio furnishings?

* Bathrooms-How many will you have? If you are scaling down on them, scale down on the things. Let those rugs, trash cans and soap dispensers go!

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*  If you are reducing on bedrooms, then you should reduce on your linens too. Take just exactly what you require.

*  Scaling down from a family house? Time to call the kids and have them get their things! You will certainly not have storage space.

And lets not ignore the little stuff.

* Menus for take out
* Maps
* Telephone directory
* Neighborhood information

The most essential thing is to provide yourself time!! It won’t happen in a day!!

It takes time to take stock of exactly what you want to take with you.

Moves take time and require alot of work.  As you go through your home you may find a ton of items you no longer need, and that’s where we can help!  We offer cheap Kelowna Bin Rentals and Kelowna Junk Removal in Kelowna and its surrounding areas.  We recycle up to 100%, including donating items you no longer need to helping families in need.  When you’re ready for your next move, we’re here to help, call us TODAY 250-807-7772.


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