Kelowna Junk Removal – Tips for Helping a Hoarder

Junk and clutter in our home can make anyone feel uptight, stressed out and anxcious.  It can wear on our energy, make us feel tired and hold us back from accomplishing our day to day tasks.  Many of us have some junk, but there are always those extreme cases that case be a little more chalenging to deal with, like hoarders.

Here are some valuable things we have actually discovered in our journey to declutter and dejunk the Okanagan area:

* The hoarder has to be in control and feel in control. Develop a strategy on how to handle the task at hand – either room by room or even just in one area. Talk to the owner on where they wish to begin or exactly what classification they feel comfortable dealing with.

* The environment must be a healthy and favorable one. Everybody needs to put aside the anger and be there for support.  Prepare yourselfyou anything you may discover and try to remain calm.  If you feel yourself getting aggitated, take a walk come back when you’re ready.

* Have the hoarder make a list of things that can leave the house. They likewise have to make a list on things that they are trying to find and want to conserve.

* Sorting is necessary. After the classifications are sorted, go through one at a time.

* Have boxes or bins on hand for keep products and sorting purposes.

* Go out and get post it notes. Its important to see things are plainly labeled.

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* Make certain you bring a zip lock bag with you. Throughout your sorting, you will certainly discover money and jewelry.

* Address the rate of the hoarder. If needed, let them know to advise you if they need to slow down the process. Everyone has a various rate.

* The hoarder has to be in control and feel in control.

* The environment has to be a healthy and favorable one.

* Arranging is essential.

* Go at the speed of the hoarder.

Dehoarding a home can be a difficulty for everybody. Just keep in mind that it takes time!!

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