Kelowna Junk – One Million Uses for Old Tires

Can anybody inform me what’s wrong with tire stacks? Sure they look pretty, however under all that mouldering rubber dwells wicked nastyness. Mosquitoes and vermin type in those dank crevasses and chemicals made use of in the production process slowly leech into the ground, poisoning the water and regional wildlife.

Old tires don’t deteriorate, they last practically for life, longer than practically other product that winds up in a landfill. Exactly what’s worse, tire piles present a considerable public-safety risk. Lots of in Canada keep in mind the Nova Scotia tire-fire of 1990 and understand the threat is real (I’m not joking, Google it). When old tires sit in the sun, they off-gas and become as unstable as a room packed with lacquer fumes. The risk is so big that numerous towns (including British Columbia) have actually enacted measures to support the recycling and reuse of old tires.

How are tires recycled?

As soon as your old tires have been transported away by your friendly community junk-removal company, there are a couple things that have to take place before they can be turned into something new. Some tires require little work at all to be helpful once more. Industrial tractor tires, for example, can be cut and become livestock troughs or blast-shields for mining operations.

For some tires, the processing is more extreme. First they are shredded by ridiculously huge devices that appear like something from the weather scene of a superhero motion picture. (Save me Spider-Boy!) Huge teeth chew the tires to bits, separating the metal from the rubber and generally making a big mess. In the end we’re entrusted what’s called “crumb rubber” and this is the stuff that gets made into virtually anything you can think about. Yes, including kitchen area sinks.

Old tires as building products

Some pioneering eco-warriors in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A are putting old rubber to excellent use, packingit with earth and structure eco-friendly, sustainable homes with it. The company, Earthship, likewise raises funds to construct sustainable housing in establishing nations without access to quality shelter.

According to Earthship, old tires are the best building product. When largely packed with earth they produce inexpensive and special homes that will not break down from the elements and provide excellent insulation from 2-foot 8-inch thick walls.

You can discover more about how Earthship develops their sustainable homes at:

Think about the youngsters.

However exactly what about the kids? They’re reported to be our future, and that future appear like it will certainly be lined with recycled rubber. Scrap tires have been transformed into gym floors, playground surfaces, athletic fields, sports tracks, and obviously giant recycled-tire toys and timeless tire-swings.

From on the road to in the roadway.

Among the neatest things that can be made from old tires is exactly what’s referred to as tire-derived aggregate, or TDA. TDA can be combineded with asphalt to create recycled roadways that utilize anywhere from 150 to 500 tires per kilometer of lane.

Exactly what else are scrap tires used for?

I’m glad you asked! Old tires are reused and turned into lots of useful items (countless them), including:.

outdoor patio blocks and pavers.

slip mats.

formed rubber floors.

roof shingles.

truck-bed liners.

lawnmower wheels.

soaker hoses.

landscaping product.









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