Kelowna Junk Removal Helps Recycle for Charity: Save your junk, save the world

“If everyone on the earth lived like the average Canadian, we would need at least four planets to sustain our lifestyles and provide all the materials and energy we currently use” 

It’s a sobering thought. Even as we improve the lives of those we share this planet with, we take more away from the environment that sustains us. Mother Earth isn’t equipped to provide for us all if we keep living the way we have been.

But what if you could help improve the lives of those less-fortunate and also reduce your impact on the environment? You’d do it wouldn’t you?

Of course you would, you sexy enviro-warrior!

Donate your junker car

From public radio stations to children’s hospitals, there are a ton of worthy organizations that would like to get their hands on your wheels, spinning or not. Most organizations that accept vehicle donations will come and get that rust heap out of your driveway, making room for other hobbies like watching a wooden boat rot or pretending you actually ‘shoot hoops.’

Go to to choose your favorite non-profit:

Haul away the run-down RV

Your dad might have enjoyed touring the countryside in an overheated box of bickering kids, but let’s face it, you’re never really going to get around to restoring that Airstream. Heck, the tires probably won’t hold air anyway.

But don’t start getting freaked out about towing that thing yourself, you might even net a cash payment for giving it to charity. Check out for more:

Donate old toys to needy kids

The perfect number of toys for every child is exactly n+1, where ‘n’ represents any number. But some kids have less than the rest and that’s just not fair. Your old He-Man toys are not super-cool sitting at your desk, especially not when they could be battling Barbie and Rainbow Brite somewhere in the vicinity of the Bat-Cave I donated last fall. Give it up hipster! Time to let some needy kids have the fun, you need to get back to work anyway.

One of the best places to donate toys is at your local thrift store. If you’d like them to go directly to the kids, you can send them to a women’s shelter or talk to your church or community organization.

Give cell-phones to women’s shelters

There really isn’t anything funny to say about domestic violence. If you have an old cell-phone or two laying around, get in touch with your local women’s shelter and donate them. Old phones without service can still be used to make emergency calls. It helps keep everyone safe

Go to for more information:

Recycle everything

There’s rarely a case where reusing or recycling doesn’t benefit the world. Everything from cardboard to clothes is being turned into something useful by some enterprising organization. Have a pile of junk you’d like to recycle but not sure how? Contact us and we’ll help you get rid of it, it’s kind of our specialty.

Remember, if you need it hauled, give us a call – 250-807-7772 or Book Online!

Do you have a great strategy for charity recycling? Please use the comment section below to tell us about it!  We’d Love to hear from you!

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