Kelowna Junk & Recycling – Why are Recycling Bins Blue?

Possibilities are, if you have curbside waste collection your reusing bin is blue. Do a Google Image hunt for “recycling container” and the vast bulk of results are additionally blue. But why has the colour ended up being associated with reusing?

It transforms out the marketingmaster behind the common blue box is one Nyle Ludolph, bore in mind as “The Daddy of the Blue Box” by recycling-history enthusiasts. In 1981, along with a handful of others working in waste management, Ludolph led a pilot program that distributed blue boxes to 1,000 homes in Kitchener, Ontario. The city obtains, on standard, 160 centimeters of snow per year and the bold blue boxes were simple to spot in any type of weather.

As Ludolph and his others exported their curbside reusing program throughout the world, the blue bin opted for it. In some areas, the bins are eco-friendly or grey or white, but most are the same strong, lively, Mother Earth-lovin’ blue.

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