Kelowna Junk & Recycling – The Reincarnation of a Milk Jug: How plastic becomes building material

We chat concerning the relevance of reusing plastic bottles and bags, yet it’s usually in quite basic terms. If we claim that last year we reused over 7,000 kg of plastic jugs, containers, and bags, it’s an excellent number but kind of … abstract.

So in an effort to get even more concrete concerning where your junk goes, we’re starting a collection on the 2nd lives and adversities of the scrap we haul away from your home.

How plastic becomes timber

Okay, so plastic doesn’t actually come to be timber, it actually comes to be something a lot better.

HDPE, LDPE, and PET DOG plastics, (bags, jugs and bottles, specifically) can all be remade into composite lumber, an option to real wood that has less of an environmental impact yet can be as structurally sound and sturdy.

Composite lumber can be found in a few different kinds. Some are made from ONE HUNDRED % recycled plastic, others are a combo of plastic and timber. Not all plastic-composite lumber is eco-friendly though, some makers start with brand-new plastic, eliminating nearly all the environmental benefits of recycled composite materials.

Exactly how environment-friendly is the good work?

Pretty darn green. Plastic-composite decking, for example, does not need the exact same treatment of chemicals and chemicals as real timber decking. Composite decking isn’t really at risk to moisture and sunlight damage in the same method that something like cedar decking would be considering that it’s plastic (or mainly plastic). Thus, no sealant, tarnish, or paint is essential, removing harmful fumes from unpredictable organic substances (VOCs).

Recycled plastic is a good value

Over 750 milk containers enter the product necessary to make a simple 4-foot bench. Considering my household experiences milk jars a lot faster compared to we do 4-foot benches, this appears like an outstanding value for the world.

And it can be a whole lot even more economical compared to pressure-treated timber. Recycled plastic deck boards for regarding half the cost of actual lumber.

It benefits the world

You can aid motivate producers that generate structure products from 100 % recycled items by voting with your dollar. The additional need we could produce for items made from recycled products, the even more junk we can save from the garbage dump.

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Some are made from 100 % recycled plastic, others are a combo of plastic and lumber. Not all plastic-composite lumber is green though, some makers start with new plastic, eliminating virtually all the ecological advantages of recycled composite materials.

Plastic-composite decking, for instance, doesn’t require the very same treatment of chemicals and preservatives as genuine timber decking. Since it’s plastic (or mainly plastic), composite decking isn’t really susceptible to moisture and sun damages in the very same method that something like cedar decking would be. Recycled plastic deck boards for regarding half the price of genuine timber.

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