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    More than Just Junk Removal Kelowna! From homeless to homed, Thanks to YOU!!

    Today my heart is full. We were able to take one person off the street and GIVE THEM A HOME – a place they can call their own! I feel so blessed in my life and feel it is always important to give if and where you can. After so many donations received through our […]
  • Kelowna Junk Removal – A Spring Cleaning Workout – Let’s Get Fit!

    Warmer weather always seems to ignite a desire to get healthier and fit while shedding some of the unwanted winter weight I seemed to have found over the cooler months… Maybe it’s because my favorite jeans aren’t quite fitting how they once were.. or trying to imagine myself in bathing suit playing with the kids […]
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    Kelowna Junk Removal – Looking to Sell? Check Out Our 10 Secrets to Selling Your Home FAST!

    Spring always seems to provoke alot of movement.. Almost like the slight warmth and reappearance of the sun makes us want to redecorate, re-clean or re-locate.  If you’re looking for the latter part, don’t miss our 10 Secrets to Selling your Home… It might just get you up and on your way just a little […]
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    Kelowna Junk Removal – 5 Negative Emotions You Can Kick With This Simple Trick

    Do you ever feel like there isn’t really a light at the end of the tunnel? Be positive, it’s there; you just have to collect your ideas and put a strategy into movement and perhaps get some help with the program. Being disorganized will induce many negative feelings, which can be turned around as soon […]
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    Kelowna Junk Removal – Clearing a Path to Less Stress

    Did you know clearing out your junk and creating a less-cluttered environment can immediately improve mood, decrease stress and raise your energy? It’s often stated a messy environment can mess the mind. And anybody who likes a sense of order – things in their rightful location – will relate. Whether it’s clearing expenses off the […]
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    Junk Removal Kelowna – Get Your Favorite Weekend Bevys on Us!

    What’s your favorite spring cleaning beverage?? Don’t like spring cleaning? Let us to it for you! Tell ya what.. Comment on this post for $25 off your Junk Removal and towards your favorite beverage! Share this and you’ll get $50 off!! Why do the spring cleaning when we can do it for you while you […]