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Kelowna Junk & Bin Rentals – 5 GOOD Reasons You Should Choose Dump It! 365 over the ‘Other Guys’


So you may think choosing a good junk removal company is really just a matter of dollars and cents… And in most cases, you’re probably right, but we believe that’s not the only reason you should choose us. Here’s 5 GOOD Reasons You Should Choose Dump It! 365 over the ‘Other Guys’;   1. ¬†We […]

Kelowna Junk & Recycling – The Reincarnation of a Milk Jug: How plastic becomes building material

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We chat concerning the relevance of reusing plastic bottles and bags, yet it’s usually in quite basic terms. If we claim that last year we reused over 7,000 kg of plastic jugs, containers, and bags, it’s an excellent number but kind of … abstract. So in an effort to get even more concrete concerning where […]

Kelowna Junk Removal & Recycling – Suggestions to Turn Your Garbage Into Treasure – 25 Ikea Hacks


Although we are a Junk Removal and Disposal firm, our company believe in reusing and try to reuse at any opportunity feasible. I am consistently searching for originalities and methods I can transform things in my home into one-of-a-kind and attractive items into art, revamped furnishings and masterpieces for my home. I just recently discovered […]

Kelowna Junk & Recycling – Is Recycled Plastic the New Green Fuel?

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It sounds virtually as well great to be important. Take your fill of the endlessly growing stack of plastic bags disposed of by citizens of the civilized world and transform it into costs gas with couple of environmental effects and for cents on the buck compared to any other energy-source on the marketplace. How does […]