Kelowna Junk Removal – What to Take With You When You Move

Packing up and heading out to a new location? It takes time to take inventory of what you are going to take with you and what you might want to kick to the curb.  Here’s an easy to follow list to help move the process along; Lets start with the big stuff- Your furniture! * […]

Kelowna Junk Removal – Tips for Helping a Hoarder

Junk and clutter in our home can make anyone feel uptight, stressed out and anxcious.  It can wear on our energy, make us feel tired and hold us back from accomplishing our day to day tasks.  Many of us have some junk, but there are always those extreme cases that case be a little more […]

Kelowna Junk Removal – Recycle or Reuse?

There is no point in recycling. We believe we do it in order to cut down on waste and utilize less resources, but recycling is more like a drape hiding our harmful customer practices. Kelowna Junk Removal – Book online or Call now 250-807-7772! We would not start with recycling if we really care about […]